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Exam time (again)

You know what? I'm really not good on this blogging thing. Usually remember every six month. Which means: Exams. 

This semester I only have one school exam tho, but loads of papers and home exams. Right now I'm working on my project management exam, which is due monday morning. Been writing for six hours already, and probably have about 5 hours to go before I can sleep. Cause tomorrow it's concert time!

Going to see Brad Paisley and The Band Perry in downtown Stavanger tomorrow. Don't know lots about the music, seing as I'm not much of a country girl. But we bought white cowboy hats! Who wouldn't be excited about that? 

Other than that there's not much new to tell you guys. Life of a student isn't really that exciting. We study, we work, we study some more. After this I only have one semester to go. Can't wait to be done with this place and move on to something new. I get really restless staying at the same place for too long, and I've been here almost three years now. Thinking about going out of the country next year for my masters degree. Thinking about Canada, Hawaii or Australia. Where would you choose to go if you were me? Canada sounds cold, and cold is not really that exciting when you live in Norway. Hawaii sounds awesome, but expensive. Australia would be amazing. Good school, warm and would get to travel alot. Downside: BIG spiders.

 27 days untill I'm home for my christmas vacation! <3 Can't wait to see my dog again. 


I love exam time actually. I don't love the actual exams, or the reading that leads up to it. No, the other 90% of this time of the semester that I use to catch up on movies I've wanted to see and new episodes of my favourite shows. 

Like HIMYM. How excited am I about the finale next week? Answer: Very. Hopefully we'll see more of Barney's wedding! And plus my very lovely friend Sara has gotten me hooked on a new show: Community. It's fantastic! Started watching the old seasons last week, and now I'm just about done with every episode that is out so far (almost three seasons). It's been a long time since a show has had me laughing so hard. Perfection. 

So yeah.. I love the end of the semester exam time :)



Packing really isn't as easy as it is looks. 

Rant this way...Collapse )

*peers in* Hello? *crickets* Right...

So I know I haven't used my livejournal account in like 3 years. Bad me. But I started to randomly miss all the good times on here, and hopefully I'll find my dear livejournal friends again after a while. At least you know I'm alive :)

So what has Iselin been up to lately.. Well I finished VGS (which is like the Norwegian high school). I lived 14 months in Florida, and now I live in the south of Norway and halfway through my bachelor degree in tourism management and economics, I work three jobs and trying to fit a social life in there somewhere. 

Right now it's night time, I'm bored after a long day of NOT reading for my last exam before christmas. I'm ready to go back home, have my mom feed me and wait for Santa. 10 days left in Stavanger. 


Okay, I'm not Iselin, but I hope you'll manage.. ;)
We're sitting here, waiting for our exam grades.. It's kinda spooky..
But soon we'll be free! FREEEE! :D I love summer..
And I want Iselin to make me a nice little avatar. I gotta ask
her one time..
But, enough for now, bye... 

Maia, Iselin's weird ninjastalkerfriend



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